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Rubi 150x72mm facade scratcher

Rubi 150x72mm facade scratcher

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This facade mortar scraper with a wooden handle has a 150 x 72 mm galvanised steel sheet and is highly wear resistant.

To ensure proper fastening and resistance, the sheet and the handle are joined together with screws. This also makes replacing the sheet much easier, once it is worn out.

The facade mortar scraper should be used when the facade mortar is partially dry, by making small circular movements. The thickness will thus be even, leaving the facade mortar at the desired height, as well as concealing the different sections of work.

The teeth, uniformly distributed throughout the surface of the plate on the RUBI facade mortar scraper with wooden handle, ensure an even and high quality finish.

The wooden handle offers construction professionals a traditional handle with the soft feel of natural wood, thanks to a complete milling, sanding and varnishing process.

Moreover, the solid handle on this facade mortar scraper makes for a symmetrical tool perfect for being used by both right-handed and left-handed people, making a tool which is more centred and easier to handle and control.
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